NAMI Four Seasons is a grassroots affiliate of NAMI National and NAMI North Carolina serving Henderson and Polk Counties. Our mission is to provide support, education and advocacy for families affected by mental illness in our local communities, and to advocate for quality lives without stigma or discrimination.

Please note: We do not offer therapy, medical, or legal advice but we may be able to provide you with resources for agencies that do provide these services. We are also unable to furnish referrals/specific names for individual therapists, counselors, doctors, treatment centers, lawyers, etc.  To reach our information line for resources please call (888) 955-NAMI – (888) 955-6264.

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One in four adults—approximately 57.7 million Americans— experience a mental health disorder in a given year. One in 17 lives with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder1and about one in 10 children live with a serious mental or emotional disorder. ~ National Institute on Mental Health

The primary functions of NAMI are support, education, and advocacy for:
• consumers and their families;
• research and services; and
• the education of all professionals, providers, and the general public. An individual with a serious mental illness is sometimes referred to as a consumer. When speaking of NAMI members in general, we speak of family and that includes the consumer as a family member. We speak of consumer when it is necessary to make the distinction.
~ NAMI National


FICTION: People with a mental illness are often violent.
FACT: Actually, the vast majority of people with mental health conditions are no more violent than anyone else. People with mental illness are much more likely to be the victims of crime.

FICTION: Mental illness is a sign of weakness.
FACT: A mental illness is not caused by personal weakness—nor can it be cured by positive thinking or willpower – proper treatment is needed.

FICTION: Only military personnel who have been in combat can suffer from PTSD.
FACT: While PTSD is prevalent in men and women who have seen combat, experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event can trigger PTSD, including violent personal assaults such as rape or robbery, natural or human-caused disasters, or accidents.

FICTION: People with a mental illness will never get better.
FACT: For some people, a mental illness may be a lifelong condition, like diabetes. But as with diabetes, proper treatment enables many people with a mental illness to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

FICTION: Children don’t suffer from mental illness.
FACT: Millions of children are affected by depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. As a matter of fact, 1 in 10 children suffer from a diagnosable mental illness. Getting treatment is essential.

FICTION: “Mental illness can’t affect me!”
FACT: Mental illness can affect anyone. While some illnesses have a genetic risk, mental illness can affect people of all ages, races and income levels, whether or not there is a family history.

Copied from BringChange2Mind.org

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